Petalo Design ~ My Story

Whilst growing up in Iran  I remember watching my piano teacher’s hands gliding gracefully over the keys, the light catching her beautiful rings , captivating , mesmerising. The first piece of silver jewellery I crafted was a ring for my mum, I was 17 and she still wears it to this day . 

On completing my degree I was fortunate enough to travel through Europe exploring new languages, cultures, fashion and design. I now live in Dubai with my two loving dogs and drawing on my Persian roots and inspirational experiences in Europe and Asia continue to craft visionary, innovative and sometimes powerful jewellery designs . In 2017 my signature brand Petalo was established linked to my Persian name denoting a Dena mountain flower . Petalo remains the fulfilment of my creative expression. 

I have been blessed with a hugely supportive family and close friends who encourage me to pursue my passion. My vision remains to create an inspirational and unique range of individual everyday jewellery that is a must have for those with a discerning, fun and confident sense of style. 

Jewellery is an extension of a woman’s beauty, a means by which to express personality and an expression of elegance .