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Defined by its gorgeous iridescence that makes it appear to glow from within. Base colours include vivid blues, beautiful greens which can be shot through with a variety of other colours which can include black spot formations


A translucent white colour, possessing a unique quality of emitting a milky or bluish iridescence


Opaque with beautiful shades of blue, aqua blue to light azure green colours and characterised by natural dark veins .


Opaque with vivid blue-green shades. Naturally patterned with white threads and occasional black spots.


Translucent with a somewhat waxy luster natural colors include creamy whites, pale blue, greens and a variety of other colours


Translucent white colour with unearthly glows of blue, silver and sometimes rainbow colour iridescent tints caused by light cascading between microscopic layers of fledspar

Rutile Quartz

A beautiful transparent quartz stone each with unique golden yellow rutile inclusions that appear as hairlike growths.


A generally transparent quartz stone with a natural stunning intensity in varying shades of purple.

Lapis Lazuli

Opaque stone with a unique deep (azur) blue color sprinkled with gold flecks that will never lose its attraction.


Similar to a diamond in brilliance and crystal clarity, zirconia is a synthesized crystalline material that is generally colorless and flawless in nature, these stones also come in a variety of other colours .


Ranging from translucent to opaque a naturally forming stone that comes in a variety of wonderful colours from light to dark green, yellow, brown, black, gray, or white and can often be mottled or streaked.

– In order to protect your jewellery we would recommend you remove when in the in the shower, bathing, swimming in pools and the sea.

– Try to avoid wearing your jewellery when undertaking strenuous exercise.

– Try to avoid applying creams, sprays or perfume on your jewellery

– Avoid exposing your jewellery to extended periods of extreme sunlight and high temperatures including humidity

– Avoid your jewellery coming into contact with abrasive materials

– Avoid your jewellery coming into contact with chemicals, cleaning products and bleach

– We would recommend using silver cleaners for sterling silver pieces but not for gold/rose gold items, always apply using a soft cloth not tissue or paper towels

– Pack your jewellery with care when travelling, ideally each piece should be separated. 

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As a young woman growing up in Iran , Padina Saffarzadeh first explored designing and crafting jewelry using everyday items such as colorful buttons from her grandmother’s collection and a variety of different sized fruit pips and stones with the support of her grandfather’s dentist drill. This desire for creative expression eventually led to an apprenticeship with a respected jewelry workshop in downtown Tehran where her passion for crafting innovative designs in silver were first developed.

On completing her formal education in Tehran, she lived in England securing her Masters degree from Brunel University London and travelled throughout France, Spain and Italy. Padina, now living in Dubai and drawing on her Persian roots for inspiration established her signature jewelry brand in 2017. Since inception her visionary, innovative and sometimes powerful designs embody modern unconventional beauty whilst capturing traditional design values. Distinctive signature pieces encapsulate the origins behind the name PETALO which is linked to her Persian name Padina which in Farsi denotes ‘a Dena mountain flower’ and the Italian meaning of PETALO being ‘flower petal’

PETALO`s distinctive and visionary designs capture innovative geometric concepts crafted utilizing a combination of silver, gold and colorful semi precious gemstones. PETALO remains true to Padina`s original vision and design concepts being to create a range of every day jewelry that is a must have for those with a discerning and yet fun sense of style.