As a young girl growing up in Iran designer Padina Saffarzadeh explored jewellery making with simple everyday items like her grandmothers button bag. This passion for design led to an apprenticeship at a jewellery workshop in downtown Tehran when she was a teenager. Having completed her education in Iran she progressed to Brunel University in London for a Masters and thereafter to Dubai, UAE. This has resulted in a unique blend of experiences and inspiration from her Persian roots to her time in Europe and now in the Middle East. In 2017 she decided to launch her signature brand PETALO which stands for petal in Italian - similar to her name PADINA which in Farsi refers to a type of flower which grows in the Dena mountains. Her creations are a mix of clean cut geometric designs as well as floral patterns that are put together in stylish combination of silver, gold and semi-precious stones. Her current collection encompasses old world design with modern fashion trends making them a must have for those with a keen sense of style.



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